Customize Eclipse with Addins

You can enhance Eclipse’s standard functionality by adding addins.

Help > Install New Software…

Work with: –All Available Sites–

Peruse the list that appears – and pick out the plugins that you want.

Get for sure

The oXygen XML Editor for Eclipse plugin adds so many useful features to Eclipse, that I bought a license for myself. It gives you a ton of editors (e.g., HTML), and each one runs against the associated DTD or schema to ensure that your code is well formed.

  1. Get the latest version of the oXygen XML Editor for Eclipse by visiting: Download oXygen XML Editor.

    The download landing page is a bit confusing. Scroll up to the top of the page and simply click the Download button.

    Another web page appears, prompting you to fill in a form. Ignore it – the download begins automatically.

    Click Save instead of Open – in case there’s a problem with the download.

    The download takes about ten minutes.

  2. After downloading the corresponding archive, use 7-Zip to extract its content into the “dropins” subfolder of the Eclipse folder.

  3. Restart Eclipse.

    Eclipse discovers the new addin and configures it for you.

Update the oXygen XML editor plugin

Help > Install New Software…

Add the oXygen XML Editor software update endpoint URI:

Paste this URI into the Work with field, and then click Add. The main window shows the work “Updating…”. When it is done, the list of updates, per Eclipse version displays. Check the box beside the latest version, and then click Next. The updates download and install, and then you must restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect.

Install PyDev from the Eclipse Marketplace

After you install PyDev, you’ll be asked to reboot Eclipse.

Open the PyDev perspective to make sure that it installed properly.

When you reboot Eclipse, Eclipse might discover that PyDev has an incomplete configuration. If it does, then it presents you with choices for configuring it (Auto, Manual, Quick Auto, etc.). Choose Quick Auto.

You need this so you can run Sphinx and rebuild the docs for the 3rdParty REST API docs. You need the ReST Editor to configure a build configuration that will run make.bat.

The ReST Editor is an Eclipse plugin, and it adds a pretty reStructuredText editor to the Eclipse IDE. This is useful for authoring documentation for Python projects, where you use the Sphinx doc builder to automatically generate help builds.

Install it from the Eclipse MarketPlace.

The ReST Editor project is an open source project, and the code is hosted on the project site.

Note: The ADT plugin for Eclipse in no longer the official IDE for Android development; it’s now Android Studio, so you should install it at some point.

Follow the procedure on the “Installing the Eclipse Plugin” web site:


Target Location for the Android SDK:


Add new software

  • eclipse : the Eclipse update site, accessible via the URL :

An Addin to Tryout

Modelling > Sphinx SDK (Incubation) Modelling > UML2 Extender SDK Programming Languages > Javascript Development Tools Programming Languages > PHP Development Tools (PDT)

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