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The Updater service in Eclipse is based on Equinox p2, the Equinox framework OSGi implementation.

The OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) specification describes a modular system and a service platform for the Java programming language that implements a complete and dynamic component model, something that does not exist in standalone Java/VM environments.

When you run Help > Check for Updates, the Updater checks for system and component (addin) updates according to a list of “Available Software Sites” – which are p2 repositories. p2 stand for “Provisioning”.

Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites

In my experience, this mechanism is buggy. You have to manually tweak the list (by adding, deleting, and editing) the items in the list.

Here’s a list of URLs that you can visit to find the latest Update URI for a particular component.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”ADT Plugin”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”Eclipse Web Tools Platform Repository”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”eclipse-json-editor”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”EPIC – Perl Editor and IDE for Eclipse”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”HTTP4e”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”Mylyn for Eclipse Luna”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”oXygen XML Editor Install”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”PyDev Update Site”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”ReST Editor Update Site”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”The Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) Updates”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) software repository”/>

<site url=”” selected=”true” name=”update site:“/>


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