Git How to

How to Create a New Branch for the Mobile End User Docs

1. Always use the local feature/api_doc as the starting point

git checkout feature/api_doc

2. Update your local repository

git fetch origin

3. Set the command options

When creating a new branch, set up configuration to mark the start-point branch as “upstream” from the new branch.


Create the branch’s reflog. This activates recording of all changes made to the branch ref, enabling use of date based sha1 expressions such as “<branchname>@{yesterday}”.

The name of the new branch

Issue the command

git branch –track -l MobileUserDocs

4. Checkout the new branch

And start working on the AuthID End User documentation.

checkout MobileUserDocs

5. Update your .gitignore file to exclude oXygen’s temp files


6. Add the new content files to the local repo

Use Stage Changed to get all of the new source files, as well as the 3rdParty.css fileds, the tsmobile.ditamap file, the .project file, and the .gitignore file.

E.g., commit message
First draft of End User documentation.

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