What Eclipse Does to your Project

Eclipse adds /bin folder for compiled Java class files.

Code folding

Under the Source menu.

Collapse Code: Ctrl + -

Uncollapse Code: Ctrl + =

Collapse Code (All): Ctrl + 9

Uncollapse Code (All): Ctrl + 0

Add to dictionary

Ctrl + Shift + Right Click

Show in breadcrumb

Only available in the Java Editor.

Ctrl + Shift + B

Working set

Imagine if the Project Explorer contained a filtered view of resources in your project. I.e., a subset of it. E.g., a view that ignores the Test directory, and everything in it; but includes parts of another project within the workspace. If you could save such a view, it would essentially be a Working Set.

Path Variables

These are just like Environment Variables, but they apply to Eclipse, the Current Workspace, and the Current Project. Here are some examples.

ECLIPSE_HOME: C:\Program Files\eclipse\

WORKSPACE_LOC: A:\Documents\Eclipse\Projects\Practice

PROJECT_LOC: A:\Documents\Eclipse\Projects\Practice\TestSphinxWiz


Your workspace is a folder that contains a subfolder called “.metadata”.

Counter to what you might expect, the workspace folder doesn’t physically contain project folders. It contains them by reference.

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