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Notes on a Successful Git Branching Model

This refers to the explanation on the web site A Successful Git Branching Model. It was only after reading this article that Git really started to make sense to me. It’s an application of Git, and it seems that Git only makes sense within this context.

  • In this branching model, there are only two branches that live forever.
    • master
    • develop
  • origin/master
    • Where the source code of HEAD always reflects a production-ready state.
  • origin/develop
    • Where the source code of HEAD always reflects a state with the latest delivered development changes for the next release.
    • This branch is also known as the Integration branch.
    • This is where automatic nightly builds are built from.
  • When the source code in develop reaches a stable point and is ready to be released, all of the changes are merged back into master, and then tagged with a release number.
    • By definition, each time changes are merged into master, it’s a new production release.

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