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How to Remove Content From the Doc Build

I documented a new feature a month ago, and it’s now live. But now 3rdParty wants me to pull it – because the commercial launch has been delayed.

Since you use a Git branching model to separate your work-in-progress from your published work, and then once you’ve completed the new work, you then merge it into the published doc set, you should be able to solve this issue using Git.

You can remove the content by reversing the commit that represents it. When it’s time to put the content back, you do it by reverting the revert commit. You might think it makes sense to merge the content back in, as you originally did, but Git has captured that “action” as a commit object already (as a dimension, the concept of time takes on properties and behaviors in Git world!).

Here’s my research source:


In Eclipse > Git Reflog (Java (Writing) perspective).

Looking at the entries in the Reflog Message column, you can easily see where new content was merged into your local main line branch. They’re the “Merge Commits” – the ones with the “merge” icon.

Can you filter-out all of the other commit types? Yes! Simpy type “merge” into the Filter field, and press Enter.

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